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Soups and Salads


French Onion Soup:  Slow-cooked onion soup topped with a rustic white bread and melted cheese.
Creme de CourgetteZucchini slow-cooked and pureed, served with dill cream and parsley garnish.
Pumpkin Soup:  Fresh pumpkin slow-cooked with hearty vegetables, pureed, and served with spiced cream.
Corn Chowder:  fresh corn, hickory smoked bacon, potatoes, garlic, and sage cooked into a creamy chowder and served in a bread bowl or with crostini.
Tomato Basil Soup:  creamy soup made from fresh tomato and basil served with homemade rustic croutons and basil chiffonade.


Pasta Salad alla Puttanesca:  Chilled pasta served with tomato, anchovy, capers, assorted olives, peppers, and onions with a fresh chopped parsley garnish.
Green Salad:  Assorted greens topped with veggies and choice of dressing.
Salade NicoiseMixed salad with fresh tomatoes, half-boiled new potatoes, green beens, hard-boiled eggs, olives and tuna.
Waldorf Salad:  Celery, fresh apples, and walnuts served over salad greens.
Collard Greens:  Mixed with spinach and served in a cream sauce with tart green apples.